Replica Rolex's Submariner series and Omega Seamaster series

When it comes to diving watches, people will first think of the Rolex Submariner series and Omega Seamaster series. As high-end watch brands, these two have their own excellent diving watch series. Many people are fans of Rolex and Omega at the same time. Decide which dive watch to choose.

The price of Omega Seamaster is not as high as the Rolex Water Ghost. In the Seamaster series, there are many branch members, including tough ocean universe, dynamic 300m diving, elegant Aqua Terra, 007 and GMT, etc., not only in function Timing, GMT and anti-magnetic, and styles and designs are also different, so the seahorse is not purely a diving watch. In contrast, the Rolex Water Ghost is much more monotonous, but because it is actually too classic, so the same Rolex watch can be sold for a long time in a different color.

But in terms of appearance, the richness of replica watches Omega Seamaster can even challenge the full range of Rolex watches. Compared with the design and functional requirements of the Seamaster series, the waterproofness of 300 meters is generally just right. The seahorse has a chronograph and the water ghost does not, so the seahorse¡¯s waterproof depth is reserved to a certain extent. Rolex's dog-tooth bezel and crown inter-bridge is a major feature of its brand, as well as classic Mercedes-Benz hands and flat luminous scales. Rolex's Oyster design is the ancestor of diving watches, but Omega is also a leader in the history of diving watches in recent decades.

The back of the Omega Seamaster case has a seahorse pattern back carved or transparent. Rolex uses a flat drawing, but Rolex uses more durable 904L stainless steel, while Omega uses ordinary 316L steel. The helium escape valve device of the hippocampus case makes this watch very useful in extreme deep diving situations. The rigid case has curvature and bends, so that it can condense the dial under poor light conditions. This also requires balance. The refractive index of the water is related, but the Rolex Water Ghost has no helium discharge function.

In the movement, Haima generally uses the ETA 2892-A2 or 7750 chronograph movement to change into its own observatory-level core. Omega individual styles also have its own coaxial technology, and the movement is also very thick. Possessions. The 313X movement used by the water ghost is also an observatory, a relatively stable and classic automatic mechanical movement. Both are chronometer-certified movements, so there is not much difference in accuracy.

As for the bracelet, the hippocampus is made of tapered steel belt, which feels very firm, and it has been polished, but it is easy to scratch. The water ghost¡¯s bracelet is made of 904 solid steel replcia Rolex, which is relatively heavy and does not have much decoration, but it is very wear-resistant. The price is more than three times more expensive than 316L, so the water ghost case material is very powerful.