The advantages and disadvantages of mechanical replica watches and quartz watches

Mechanical fake watches can generally be divided into manual winding and automatic winding. Both of these two mechanical watches use the spring in the movement as the power source, driving the gears to push the hands. The only difference is that the power source is different. The manual winding mechanical watch relies on the power generated by rotating the crown to drive the mainspring. The thickness of the movement is thinner than the general automatic winding watch, and the weight of the entire watch is relatively lighter. The self-winding watch uses the power generated by the swing of the automatic rotor at the bottom of the movement to drive the mainspring to generate energy. The thickness of the watch is thicker than the general manual winding watch, but most of the automatic winding watches also have The function of manual winding.

Advantages: Regular maintenance and washing of oil, and good wearing habits, can be used for a long time, no problem for more than ten years or even decades.

Disadvantages: The time error is inevitably larger than that of a quartz watch, because the quality of the watch is high and the movement inside the watch is easily affected by gravity. Usually the error of a mechanical watch is calculated by the number of seconds per day, while the error of a quartz watch is calculated by the number of seconds per month.

The quartz in the quartz watch is a kind of white oxide, and the composition is silicon dioxide (SiO2). Quartz will vibrate when placed in an oscillatory circuit. Under certain conditions, it will transmit its own frequency to the circuit. This characteristic is applied to a quartz movement. The electric energy can be converted into kinetic energy through a quartz oscillator. The circuit board can be mass-produced by mechanized equipment and matched with resistors and capacitors to complete the movement. Then install the watch case and glass. And the strap, a quartz watch is roughly assembled.

Disadvantages: Generally, the life of quartz batteries is only one or two years, and they often need to be replaced. For watches that use quartz oscillations, after 8 to 10 years of use, the quartz oscillations will decline and the accuracy of timekeeping will also decrease, so you need to replace them. However, due to the development of modern industry, labor costs are high, and it is too costly to replace many small parts with labor. Therefore, if a quartz replica watches has a major failure, the original factory will usually require a new movement directly.